How to Massage Breasts for Growth?

Breasts can be a defining feature of a woman’s body shape, one that is, for many women, strongly tied to self-confidence. Not everyone is endowed with large breasts, and surgery is a risky an expensive procedure, so what can be done to increase breast size naturally?

Increasing breast size isn’t limited to getting breast augmentation surgery; it can be as easy as using a breast enhancement pill or cream, or simply massaging the breasts every day with this special technique.

This breast massage for growth technique is a very effective way to increase the size of breasts, especially when used in conjunction with other breast enlargement strategies such as creams, pills, diet changes, or exercises. Simply follow these steps every day for at least 20–30 minutes for the best results. Most women find that their breasts increase by an entire cup size in just a few weeks!

How does massage help breast growth?

Daily massage helps develop the best natural boobs in many different ways. First, it improves circulation, bringing more blood rich in phytoestrogens that you consume in your foods into the breasts. This means that breasts are better able to access the potential that they may not be able to otherwise for totally natural breast enhancement.

In addition, breast massage helps breast enlargement by activating prolactin production in the breasts, a hormone associated with pregnancy and breast feeding. By stimulating the breasts and nipples, the mammary glands expand in size, causing fuller, larger breasts overall.

Not only does breast massage help in developing their size, it also helps a woman detect any unusual breast lumps which may be signs of cancer. This is a huge health benefit because the early detection of breast cancer can significantly reduce its impact on the body.

Breast massage for growth techniques

Breast massage is easy to do, and it only takes about 20–30 minutes a day, either all at once, or split up throughout the day, as in 10–15 minutes once in the morning and once at night. If you prefer, use an oil to lubricate your skin for the massage, or use a breast enhancing cream for great results. This massage is also very effective when done during or after a hot shower or bath.

  • Warm your hands – To begin, rub your hands together rapidly to warm them up. Throughout your massage, if the palms of your hands cool down, it is a good idea to stop and warm them up again for extra stimulation of the breasts. If you are doing this breast massage during or after a hot shower or bath, this step doesn’t apply.
  • Begin rubbing inwards – Place your hands on your breasts starting near your arm pits and begin rubbing in small circles, slowly moving your hands around the entire surface of the breasts. The pressure on your breasts should be gentle but firm, and not so hard or rough as to cause redness on the breast skin. Rub in an inward direction for half of the total time.
  • Rub outwards – For the second half of the total time, rub the breasts in an outward direction, beginning from the center of the chest and moving toward the armpits. This reversed direction will improve the look of breasts by improving firmness as well as increasing the size.
  • Repeat – Repeat this massage every day for a total of about 20–30 minutes to see significant results within 30 days.

The natural way to improve the look of breasts

There is no need to resort to such risky, drastic actions as surgery to get the best natural boobs that you want, there are better, completely natural options that work great and are very beneficial for your health.

Many women find excellent results when they use this breast massage technique in conjunction to taking dietary supplements. This is especially true because they are a main source of phytoestrogens, and these phytoestrogens are better able to work for breast enhancement when the circulation of the breasts is improved.

In addition to improving the look and feel of your breasts, using this breast massage technique also helps to balance your hormones, which can improve the uncomfortable effects of PMS or menopause, improve acne, and allow your hair to grow in faster and thicker.

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