Male Breast Enlargement That Works

When you go online to search for information about breast enlargement, it goes without saying that 99% of all the information you find is targeted at women who want larger breasts. But, it may surprise you to learn that many men are searching for information on male breast enlargement for a number of different reasons. Finding male breast enlargement information is now easier than ever before.

What Is Male Breast Enlargement?

The most common reason why men are interested in male breast enlargement is that they are either cross-dressers or transgender, hoping to have a more realistic bust line in their clothing. Many of these men do not wish to undergo hormonal treatments that can cause weight gain and muscle loss, so they opt for natural male breast enlargement products that are easier on the body yet equally as effective.

Even though you may think that men could never have natural breasts, that is simply not the case. By altering a man’s natural hormonal balance, a man will begin to grow breasts just like a woman would. Products that can help a man achieve this will usually not alter any other aspect of his body, which is also very important.

Can Breast Enlargement For Men Be Achieved Naturally?

For men who are not willing to undergo hormone replacement therapy or cosmetic surgery for breast enhancement, natural breast enhancement is obviously the best solution. Many of these products contain ingredients that can help accentuate a man’s natural estrogen levels, and also increase progesterone, which is responsible for the size and growth of the breasts.

With continued use of these products, a man will begin to store additional fat in his breasts, which will then become larger and more pronounced. The fact that this kind of change can be made without surgery or the use of synthetic hormones makes it significantly safer and quicker, and also much more affordable. For men who are on a budget, male breast enlargement estrogen supplements or creams are always going to be a better choice.

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What Natural Ingredients Are The Most Effective?

The same natural ingredients that are used in other breast enlargement supplements and creams are equally as effective for men. In some cases, men may need to use slightly more of the product because of their higher natural testosterone levels, but it can provide striking results. Men who are naturally taller or heavier will also need to use more of a cream or nutritional supplement than a woman would, simply to provide the same level of hormone boosting power.

Some of the natural ingredients in these products include saw palmetto, dong Quai, fenugreek seed, wild Mexican yam root, Pueraria Mirifica, dandelion, blessed thistle, kelp, and other botanical extracts. These all work in a very specific way to act as bioidentical hormones, increasing estrogen and progesterone levels so that the body reacts by increasing breast size.

Should You Use A Cream Or A Supplement?

Most experts in natural breast enhancement believe that a combination of an estrogen boosting supplement along with some type of progesterone boosting cream is usually the most effective way to increase breast size. In fact, some of the most popular breast enhancement products now include both a cream and a pill, and they often provide a specific exercise program that will help to increase muscle mass beneath the breasts so that the breasts remain firm and are higher up on the torso.

Is This A Safe Method For Increasing Breast Size In Men?

Any man who is considering using this kind of product should always talk to his doctor beforehand, particularly if he has had any kind of significant health problems in the past. There is always a potential for negative drug interactions, even when you are using a natural substance, so discussing the ingredients in these products with a pharmacist is also a good idea.

One thing that is important to consider is that natural breast enhancement is usually a permanent change to the body, and it should not be done without a fair amount of thought. Any man who is considering increasing his own breast size should be committed to this change for many years to come. There are ways to reverse the growth of breasts in a man, though they usually require some type of surgical intervention.

Do Male Breast Enlargement Herbs Have Other Benefits?

While breast enlargement herbs have significant benefits for women in the way that they help regulate menopause and PMS symptoms, the same cannot be said for men. Men have a different type of hormonal balance that does not need to be regulated on a monthly basis. For men, the simple use of male breast enlargement hormone-inducing products can provide them with larger, more realistic breasts so that they can feel more comfortable in their bodies.

Best Male Breast Enlargement Product

NatureDay is a scientifically formulated blend of valuable herbs, that are used for a wide range of health conditions. This synergistic combination not only helps with overall general health but also directly targets the areas needed to produce a bust increase.

Natureday has practically taken over the natural breast enhancement market. It immediately separated itself from the crowd of cheap knock-offs or overpriced supplements and has easily become known as one of the very best breast enlargement solutions available today. In fact, many customers, experts, and reviewers have gone so far as to label Natureday as the safest and most effective male breast enhancer on the market.

The NatureDay male breast enhancement solution is one of the ONLY medically endorsed and scientifically proven natural breast enhancement products you will find today. A lot of its success has to do with the three-part system the product uses.

  • NatureDay Breast Enlargement Pills – The herbal pills works to promote and stimulate a natural increase in breast size, in a proven and 100% safe and natural manner. Its list of potent and powerful ingredients includes an array of natural phytoestrogens that stimulate breast tissue growth and work to give you larger breasts.
  • NatureDay Breast Enlargement Cream – As an add-on to the potent herbal pills, Natureday also comes with an effective breast enlargement cream. While the pills works to increase your breast size, the cream is responsible for toning, lifting, and firming your breasts.
  • NatureDay Fullfillment Tonic – Like the pills, this tonic is a completely organic and all-natural solution for anyone looking to achieve natural breast growth. Natureday fullfillment tonic is packed with important herbs to give you fast and effective breast growth.

A few reasons why you may want to consider Natureday:

  • Combines Powerfully Potent Products for Guaranteed Maximum Results
  • Endorsed by Medical Experts, Loved by Real Customers, and Backed By Proven Scientific Research
  • Guaranteed to be 100% Safe, Natural, and Come with ZERO Side Effects
  • Money Back Guarantee on ALL Orders

The Natureday formula is one of the few really good breast enlargement products that have produced extraordinary results for both men and women. While other male breast enhancement formulas advertised out there may help with breast growth, their results are only minimal when compared to Natureday.

The Natureday male breast enlargement solution is very affordable, it’s 100% safe, and the results you get are permanent. Does it really work? If you visit Natureday’s official website, you’ll notice they have a public customer reviews page where customers can discuss their experiences. These are not testimonials, which as you know, can be bought or created by anyone. Instead, you get to read up-to-date discussions, and with so many customers posting pictures of their progress, nobody can argue against the fact that a Natureday can and does increase male breast size.

The Dangers of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Many people who were not endowed with a large bust will turn to breast augmentation as a solution, but the procedure to get breast implants is not only extremely expensive—running on average around $5,800–$10,000, not including additional preceding or following doctor’s appointments—they can also be very risky.

Dangers of breast augmentation include complications such as asymmetry, breast pain, tissue atrophy (a thinning and shrinking of the breast skin), chest wall deformity, and deflation that results in a partial or complete collapse of the implant, just to name a few. Read on to find out why breast augmentation is not the answer and what natural solutions, such as breast enhancement creams and breast enlargement pills, can be used as a healthy alternative.

Breast implants can cause medical complications

According to the FDA, there are more than a dozen possible risks associated with getting breast implants. Medical complications like this can result in further surgeries, adding to the already hefty expense of breast implants, including complete removal of the surgical implants.

  • Capsular contracture – A tightening of the tissue capsules surrounding the implant which results in a firmness or hardness of the breast, and, in extreme cases, a painful squeezing of the implant which may result in further surgery.
  • Breast pain – A general pain around the breast area, or only around the nipple, that is the result of a number of different complications.
  • Infection – Can occur as a result of contamination to the surgical wounds or, in rare cases, a “rejection” of the implants by the body; usually presents with inflammation (including redness, swelling, and a warmth of the area).
  • Hematoma – A collection of blood around the breast implant that presents with swelling, bruising, and pain.
  • Tissue damage – May include atrophy, a thinning and shrinking of the skin around the implant.

Breast implants can result in physical deformities

In addition to the possible medical complications that can arise as a result of getting breast augmentation surgery, there are also physical deformities that can result. All surgeries result in ugly scars that take years to fade—if they ever do—but if complications occur as a result of the implants, a patient could end up with deformed-looking breasts.

  • Lop-sidedness/Asymmetry – Breasts are uneven as a result of poorly done surgery or complications that occur afterward.
  • Chest wall deformity – The presence of the implants causes a disfiguration of the ribs or chest wall underneath appear deformed.
  • Deflation or rupture – In the case of saline-filled breast implants, a leakage of the implant itself results in a partial or complete collapse that shows as uneven breasts.
  • Extrusion – The implant is visible through the skin as a result of a breakdown of skin tissue.
  • Wrinkling – A rippling or wrinkling of the implant itself that is visible through the breast skin.
  • Displacement – The implant is not in the place that it should be, either resulting from poorly done surgery, or a movement of the implant from its original location as a result of gravity, trauma, or capsular contracture.

Natural solutions to get beautiful natural breasts

If you are not interested in taking on the dangers of breast augmentation, there are many options that are available to you that are completely natural, healthy, and inexpensive. You can buy products such as creams or pills, make simple dietary changes, work certain exercises into your regular workouts, or use special massage techniques to develop larger fuller breasts.

Many people also find success using a combination of techniques to get the beautiful natural breasts that they have always wanted.

  • Breast enlargement pills – Dietary supplements are a great, effective method of breast development that can help you grow larger fuller breasts by one to two cup sizes. The secret behind them is that they use natural biological ingredients that contain significant sources of phytoestrogens. The phytoestrogens act as estrogen in the body when consumed, and they also help increase its natural development in the body which results in naturally enhanced breasts.
  • Brest enhancement creams – Special creams for breast enhancement are very effective because, like the breast enlargement pills, they contain natural ingredients that promote hormonal breast growth, while at the same time working to firm and lift the breast. The result of using breast enhancement creams is beautiful natural breasts that are larger, fuller, and suppler.
  • Breast lifting exercises – Exercises that work the chest, back, and shoulders are excellent for lifting and firming the breasts because they strengthen the muscles that lie beneath them. Work four or five simple exercises into your regular workouts three times per week to see fast, natural results.
  • Foods that promote breast growth – Similar to taking dietary supplements (though without as potent of results), you can make a few simple dietary changes that will help your body produce more estrogen, resulting in larger fuller breasts.

How to Massage Breasts for Growth?

Breasts can be a defining feature of a woman’s body shape, one that is, for many women, strongly tied to self-confidence. Not everyone is endowed with large breasts, and surgery is a risky an expensive procedure, so what can be done to increase breast size naturally?

Increasing breast size isn’t limited to getting breast augmentation surgery; it can be as easy as using a breast enhancement pill or cream, or simply massaging the breasts every day with this special technique.

This breast massage for growth technique is a very effective way to increase the size of breasts, especially when used in conjunction with other breast enlargement strategies such as creams, pills, diet changes, or exercises. Simply follow these steps every day for at least 20–30 minutes for the best results. Most women find that their breasts increase by an entire cup size in just a few weeks!

How does massage help breast growth?

Daily massage helps develop the best natural boobs in many different ways. First, it improves circulation, bringing more blood rich in phytoestrogens that you consume in your foods into the breasts. This means that breasts are better able to access the potential that they may not be able to otherwise for totally natural breast enhancement.

In addition, breast massage helps breast enlargement by activating prolactin production in the breasts, a hormone associated with pregnancy and breast feeding. By stimulating the breasts and nipples, the mammary glands expand in size, causing fuller, larger breasts overall.

Not only does breast massage help in developing their size, it also helps a woman detect any unusual breast lumps which may be signs of cancer. This is a huge health benefit because the early detection of breast cancer can significantly reduce its impact on the body.

Breast massage for growth techniques

Breast massage is easy to do, and it only takes about 20–30 minutes a day, either all at once, or split up throughout the day, as in 10–15 minutes once in the morning and once at night. If you prefer, use an oil to lubricate your skin for the massage, or use a breast enhancing cream for great results. This massage is also very effective when done during or after a hot shower or bath.

  • Warm your hands – To begin, rub your hands together rapidly to warm them up. Throughout your massage, if the palms of your hands cool down, it is a good idea to stop and warm them up again for extra stimulation of the breasts. If you are doing this breast massage during or after a hot shower or bath, this step doesn’t apply.
  • Begin rubbing inwards – Place your hands on your breasts starting near your arm pits and begin rubbing in small circles, slowly moving your hands around the entire surface of the breasts. The pressure on your breasts should be gentle but firm, and not so hard or rough as to cause redness on the breast skin. Rub in an inward direction for half of the total time.
  • Rub outwards – For the second half of the total time, rub the breasts in an outward direction, beginning from the center of the chest and moving toward the armpits. This reversed direction will improve the look of breasts by improving firmness as well as increasing the size.
  • Repeat – Repeat this massage every day for a total of about 20–30 minutes to see significant results within 30 days.

The natural way to improve the look of breasts

There is no need to resort to such risky, drastic actions as surgery to get the best natural boobs that you want, there are better, completely natural options that work great and are very beneficial for your health.

Many women find excellent results when they use this breast massage technique in conjunction to taking dietary supplements. This is especially true because they are a main source of phytoestrogens, and these phytoestrogens are better able to work for breast enhancement when the circulation of the breasts is improved.

In addition to improving the look and feel of your breasts, using this breast massage technique also helps to balance your hormones, which can improve the uncomfortable effects of PMS or menopause, improve acne, and allow your hair to grow in faster and thicker.

Natural Breast Enlargement Definitive Guide

Women of all ages are taking a look at breast enlargement for a number of different reasons, and thankfully many of them are now seeking out natural alternatives to breast enhancement surgery. Even though this type of surgery is very common in Hollywood and in certain circles, the reality of it is that breast enhancement or breast enlargement surgery can be very expensive and it obviously comes with many risks.

By opting for a natural solution, you will not only have full control over the changes in the size and shape of your breasts, but you will not have to deal with the embarrassment of scars or the significant recovery time that is required after many surgical procedures.

Can You Enhance The Size Of Your Breasts Naturally?

It may surprise you to find out that there are scientifically proven ways to increase the size of your breasts and to even help them to sit higher on your torso. Whether you are interested in increasing your breast size because you have always had small breasts, or you would like to reinvigorate your breasts after childbirth, breast-feeding, or aging, there are a variety of products available now that can help you to get the kind of breasts that you want.

What Natural Breast Enlargement Solution Is Good?

The most obvious answer to why natural breast enlargement is a better solution than surgical breast enhancement is because it comes with very few risks. Any kind of surgery is always going to be risky, not only in terms of the surgery itself, but the results that you may. Many women have had expensive and painful cosmetic surgery only to be unhappy with the results. In fact, many women have been permanently scarred by unfortunate surgical procedures, never fully realizing that natural remedies were available for their “problem”.

Can A Natural Breast Enlargement Cream Really Work?

In addition to breast enlargement pills which can be very effective for some women, natural breast enlargement creams are also an alternative. One of the primary benefits of using a breast enlargement cream is that there are fewer side effects, particularly when it comes to the digestive system. For women who are unable to take herbal medications because they bother their stomach, a breast enlargement cream would be a better solution.

How Important Is Diet and Exercise?

When it comes to increasing breast size, you can never overlook the importance of both diet and exercise. These both play a very important part in altering natural hormonal levels in women and also accentuating the size of the breasts. Natural breast enlargement food is always natural and free from additives, since chemicals can interact negatively with your attempts to increase the size of your breasts.

With exercise, one of the biggest benefits is that it can help to increase the underlying musculature that helps to support the breasts. Especially as the breasts grow larger, it is imperative that you have the muscle strength to hold them up, and so you will find that many natural breast enlargement products also provide a simple to follow exercise program consisting of natural breast enlargement techniques so that you get the best possible results.

What Do The Natural Breast Enlargement Reviews Say?

There are certainly a number of reviews online for many different types of breast enlargement products, from creams and pills to exercise programs and workout systems. One thing that you will see is that the most effective breast enlargement products tend to work by increasing natural hormonal levels so that the body is more apt to store additional fat tissue in the breasts.

Another consideration with any product or program is that you should always ensure that you are healthy enough to partake in increasing your breast size before you start. This may mean a visit to your doctor to discuss your desire to have larger breasts, and any potential drug interactions if you are currently taking medications.

Is This Kind Of Product Safe?

For the most part, if you choose among the best natural breast enhancement products, they will be safe for the majority of women, however they should not be used if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Also, if you have experienced breast health issues in the past such as cysts or breast cancer, then you may want to avoid any product that could alter your hormonal levels.

Which Natural Breast Enlargement Product Is Right For You?

Before you made with a cosmetic surgeon, you owe it to yourself to learn more about various natural breast enlargement products that can help you to get the kind of breasts that you want naturally. In a matter of just a few weeks, you may be able to see a substantial difference in the size and firmness of your breasts, with growth that is completely natural looking to those around you.

Reasons to Choose Natural Breast Enhancement

According to numerous surveys and independent studies conducted worldwide, 6 out of every 10 women wish their breasts were larger. Various reasons are cited for wanting bigger breasts, but among the most common answers include increased appeal to the opposite sex and improved self-confidence. No matter what the reason may be, the fact of the matter is that there are a number of factors to consider when deciding to undergo breast augmentation, not the least of which is its potential effects on one’s health and safety.

What is Natural Breast Enhancement?

This can be defined simply as a method of increasing breast size that does not involve cutting into the body (major surgery), or using implants and/or pharmaceutical drugs.

Natural breast enhancement has become an increasingly popular choice in women over the past few years. This is largely due to the increased awareness regarding the potential dangers of invasive breast augmentation procedures such as implants and injections. For those who have yet to decide on which method to use, it is imperative to take a closer look at the benefits of natural breast augmentation, and how it compares to other methods available today.

Why Choose this Method?

Choosing to pursue natural methods for enhancing breast size is the wisest course of action for a number of reasons:

1. Natural Breast Augmentation is Safest for Your Health

While there are at least half a dozen breast augmentation methods available today, very few can guarantee safety. Getting breast implants, for instance, is considered a routine procedure these days, but it still carries a lot of risks because it involves invasive surgery. Women can certainly choose the best clinics and the most competent surgeons for their breast implant procedure, but there can never be a 100% guarantee that nothing will go wrong. Natural breast enhancement is the only method that does not have adverse effects on the body, whether immediate or long term.

2. Easily Accessible and Cost Effective

Most procedures for breast augmentation, i.e. silicone/saline implants and injections are awfully expensive and therefore inaccessible to some women. The fact that insurance policies do not cover elective surgeries such as this means having to spend your own money to pay for the procedure. Natural breast enhancement costs only a fraction of the price of breast implants so practically anyone can afford to use it at any given time.

In addition, natural enhancement products are sold online these days so you wont even have to leave the house in order to purchase it.

3. Painless and Convenient

Most women, even those who are desperate to get larger breasts, would much prefer to not endure pain in order to get results. This is impossible when undergoing surgery, but not when you opt for a natural method. Herbal-based breast enhancers are known to be not only effective, but also pain-free and convenient to use. All there is to do is keep up with the daily dosage in order to get desirable results within a few months or so.

In addition, since there is no cutting involved, no time for recuperation is necessary. You can go about your daily tasks and activities and simply wait for the effects to become visible.

4. No Scarring or Permanent Marks

One of the things that women are concerned about when contemplating breast enhancement surgery is the inevitable scarring that comes after the operation. Getting breast implants require wide and deep incisions on the underside of the breasts, which can cause major scarring and even keloids. These marks, although not visible when you have clothes on, can still be a source of embarrassment, especially during intimate moments with the opposite sex.

Using natural breast enhancers instead would allow you to avoid getting permanent scars on your body. Supplements and topical creams/serums work on the body without necessitating incisions or any type of cutting.

5. No Prescription Necessary

Unlike undergoing breast implant surgery, the use of natural breast enhancers does not require a single visit to the doctor. In fact, this method does not even require a prescription since the ingredients used for the product/s are all natural and herb-based.

6. Excellent Results Can be Expected

One major point of contention when deciding which breast augmentation method to use is the type of results one can expect. Most women opt for surgery because the results are guaranteed (provided the surgeon is competent and the procedure was done to the letter) and the effects are almost instantaneous. It is very important to understand that not all breast enhancement pills and/or topical creams deliver results, but there are products that have been proven effective by thousands of women.

The rate of success still depends largely on which product you choose to buy and use. Since the market is flooded by various products that claim to provide results in a matter of weeks or months, it only makes sense to learn as much information as you can about each of them before making a purchase.

Some of the best breast enhancement products yield drastic results in about three months or so, while mediocre ones usually do not provide any positive effects at all.

It is important to note, however that the effects may vary for each individual. Genetics, heredity, and nutrition has a lot to do with breast size and all these factors can also affect the rate of success one can have when using natural enhancers. It is best to keep one’s expectations to a minimum so as to avoid disappointment.

7. Easy to Use

Using natural breast enhancement products is highly recommended to women who are busy and simply do not have the time for complicated procedures and routines. Whether you choose to use pills (oral supplements) or topical solutions, it only takes a few seconds of everyday to keep up with the dose or application. This is ostensibly more preferable than spending a few hours in the operating room and another few weeks at home recuperating.

Natural breast enhancement is advocated by many people- both customers as well as health and fitness experts. Given the dangers of most breast enhancement procedures, choosing a natural method makes perfect sense.

Silicone Breast Implants

When we think about breast enlargement we naturally refer to the most popular, widespread and simple (from a certain point of view) method – breast enlargement surgery that includes the implantation of silicone implants. Everyone knows the expression silicone breasts for men it causes delight, but is it so for women? Silicone breast is known to be beautiful, large, sexy and attractive, but no one knows that silicone is not that good as it looks.

How Did It All Start?

Silicone is a synthetic polymer that is widely used in many areas of human life, that is, not only as a breast enlargement surgery, but also in medicine, particularly in aesthetic surgery. But in recent years we read and hear more about its harm. Originally, silicone (silicone polymer compound) was used as weatherproof material, industrial oil and paint component due to its oily, greasy, resinous and water-repellent properties.

It was only in the 60s when American surgeon Jeroen Cronin used silicone pads as implants for breast augmentation surgery for the first time. Due to its inertness to the tissues of the body and the absence of immune responses to them, silicone implants quickly gained their popularity among plastic surgeons and women as well. They allow women to restore their breasts after breast amputation for cancer, after an injury, and of course increase the breast size according to the women’s desire. Therefore in 1962 an immediate mass production of silicone implants has begun.

What Do Researchers Say About Silicone Breast Implants?

However, in the 80’s the experimental studies began to take place that proved that silicone implants cause cancer in laboratory rats. Immediately after that discovery medical researches started reporting about the direct connection between silicone implants and morbidity for rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and neurological disease. But, despite this, the medical community was not impressed by these dangerous proofs and didn’t start fighting against the use of silicone in plastic surgery. Partly it was done due to the fact that those companies that manufacture implants, fund scientific studies and medical laboratories that did not find any harm from silicone implants on a humane body.

Yet the media made enough noise about the influence of silicone implants on people’s health that cost too much for silicone implants industry. Thus in 1998 as a result of court procedures the company Dow Corning was forced to pay $ 3.2 billion to the women who insisted that after breast augmentation surgeries the silicone implants caused them various diseases.

It was only in 1999 when the Institute of Medicine (IOM) NSA of USA issued a report based on the research conducted by independent and reputable researches, which proved that silicone implants do not cause cancer and appear to be non-toxic. They indicated that silicone does not pass into the breast milk and therefore breast feeding for women with breast implants is absolutely safe. This study proved a complete justification for the use of silicone implants for breast augmentation plastic surgery.

May Silicone Be Still Harmful For Your Body?

Of course, there is no any method that can be completely safe. We keep on hearing different stories about dangerous effects of silicone implants on our health. There are reports of implants’ migration, there are facts that they rapture in airplanes and during an active breast massage. Implants’ rapture is accompanied by severe headache, nausea, and can lead to scarring and fatal pulmonary embolism.

While the reputation of breast silicone implants goes down their popularity and usage is still very high. In pursuit for beauty many women ignore the risks and follow the dream to conquer the world with their stunning but artificial and dangerous push ups.

Breast augmentation surgery is a very serious step that should be properly measured and considered. Due to the further researches and facts, today silicone implants are banned in France, Canada and the United States. But it doesn’t look like silicone implants industry is going to give up. The silicone breast surgeries became cheaper and are still allowed and very popular in many countries.

Are There Any Effective Alternatives To Silicone Breast Implants?

If you are not going to give up on a dream of beautiful, large and lifted breast, there are some alternative natural breast enhancement solutions that can help you achieve good results. Of course none of these methods will enhance your breast the same way as an implant surgery can do, but at least these methods don’t have any risks, side effects and are safe for your health.

Increase Breast Size With Exercise

There are many fads that come and go about increasing the size of a woman’s chest. The truth is these treatments, other than surgery, very rarely work – if they do at all. There are, however, exercises that can be done that can increase breast size. These exercises can provide real results to provide shape, firmness, and increase the visual size of any woman’s bust.

1. The Modified Push Up

This exercise is generally for those who cannot perform a regular push (although some say this version is harder). Lie flat on your stomach, bend your knees, and cross your ankles. Then with your palms pressed to the floor push up until your arms are straight. Keep your back and butt aligned.

Then lower yourself to the ground. Instead of touching your chest to the ground, keep your chin tucked and stop when upper arms are parallel to the floor. Do not lock elbows or bob your head. Do two sets of 8-15 repetitions 2-3 times a week.

2. Soup Can Press

This exercise gets its name because you can use two soup cans or two dumbbells of the same weight. Lie on the back with your feet flat on the floor. With the two can in your each hand, raise your arms until they are lined up with your shoulders, and your palms are facing away from your body.

Lower your arms until your elbows barely touch the floor. During the entire exercise tighten stomach muscles without arching or jamming back into the floor. Also do not raise shoulder blades from floor or lock elbows. This exercise should also be done in two sets of 8-15 repetitions at least 2-3 times a week.

3. Wall-Pressure Exercise

This will require you to stand straight facing a wall. Press the palms of your hands on the wall and then push as hard as you can while remaining still. Count to ten, relax for a few seconds, and then repeat. This can be done daily in sets of ten.

4. Palm Pressing

This exercise can be performed whenever you have a few minutes to spare. It is very simple. All you have to do is touch your palms together in front of your chest. It will kind of appear as though you are praying. Press your palms against each other for 3 to 5 seconds and then release. Repeat 8-10 times.

5. Swimming or Dry-Breast Stroke

Swimming is one of the best exercises that you can do to help increase breast size; however, not everyone can make it to pool or another body of water. If this is the case, try doing the dry- breast stroke. This can be done comfortably from your own home.

It will require you to stand up tall with your back against a wall. Then make swimming movements with your arms as if you are actually doing a breast stroke. Take your time and do 100 strokes while tightening your pectoral or breast muscles.

6. Pec Fly

This exercise requires the use of a straight-back chair. Sit in the chair with your feet flat on the floor at shoulder-width apart. Keep your back straight and do not slump shoulders.

You will need a dumbbell in each hand. Raise arms to shoulder level with elbows bent. Then push arms up. Finish by bringing arms back down. Do 3 sets of 5 reps, 2-3 times a week.

7. Short Range Chest Fly

This exercise is similar to the last. It will also require a straight-back chair. Again, keep your feet flat on the floor shoulder-width apart. Hold two dumbbells in each hand, and start with arms raised to your sides at shoulder level. Next, bend your elbows and bring palms toward chest. Hold for two seconds. Then return to starting position. Do 3 sets of 5 reps, 2-3 times a week.

8. Chest Press

Lie with your back on the floor and feet flat on the ground. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and raise arms keeping them aligned with shoulders and bend elbows. This is the starting position. Slowly straighten arms without locking elbows. Repeat this motion ten times. Perform five sets.

9. Arm Circles

This is a very simple exercise that can be done at any time. All you need is a weight for each hand. Extend your arms out to your side at an even height with your shoulders. Make 15 small forward circles with your arms. Then repeat going backwards. During the exercise slowly widen the size of the circle being made.

10. Pectoral Push-Ups

This exercise resembles regular push-ups. You will lay face-down on the floor or a mat; however, when you push up, keep your elbows and forearms on the ground. Hold yourself up for five seconds. Repeat 10-12 times.

While on your journey to increase breast size, be sure to perform these exercises regularly to ensure optimal breast size.

The Role of Phytoestrogens In Breast Development

What exactly is a phytoestrogen? When it comes to the development of breasts, how does it work? Is it a healthy addition to my diet? Phytoestrogens has become the new buzzword among women who are looking for natural breast enhancement alternatives, as well as for those who are undergoing hormone replacement therapy. However, many people are unfamiliar with the role that this compound plays in breast development. Let’s take a closer look.

What Are Phytoestrogens?

The term phytoestrogen is derived from two words. The first word is “phyto”, which means plant. The second word is “estrogen”, which refers to the effect that the compound has on the estrogen activities and levels within the female body. Phytoestrogens are quite similar to estrogens in terms of their actions, but it is important to bear in mind that they are not the exact same as the true hormones our body produces.

In its most basic definition, phytoestrogens could be described as natural compounds found in plants that influence estrogen levels in the human body by mimicking similar effects.

As a group, phytoestrogens are primarily divided into four main categories, and then these main categories can be subdivided into even smaller groups. The four groups of phytoestrogens are coumestans, soy isoflavones, lignans, and resorcylic acid lactones. However, it should be noted that the last category is not considered to be a true form of phytoestrogens. Soy isoflavones are considered to be the most effective phytoestrogen when it comes to mimicking the behaviors of actual estrogen in the human body. Today, it is heavily promoted as a healthy supplement for premenopausal women and those currently going through menopause.

That’s All Well and Good, But How Will It Increase My Breast Size?

How effective are phytoestrogens when it comes to increasing breast size? This is the question that is on most of your minds. On the market today, there are several enhancement systems and products being marketed as harnessing the power of phytoestrogens, combined with the power of other natural herbs, to produce varying degrees of hormone balancing properties and breast enhancement capabilities. However, the bottom line, and what every woman wants to know, is 1) are they healthy and 2) do they work?

There is a two part answer to this question. First and foremost, it is important for women to realize that they should never on a single supplement of any kind for more than 8-10 months at a time. This is due to the fact that it is potentially harmful for the human body to sustain high periods of estrogenic activity for such long periods of time.

However, when used correctly in combination with the proper diet, phytoestrogens have been used successfully in clinical trials to enhance and enlarge breasts. These natural supplements for hormones have also been used to treat decreased libidos, hormonal imbalances, and other hormone related problems in women. While the long term effectiveness of phytoestrogens is still being studied, there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that phytoestrogens just may be the non-surgical alternative to breast enhancement that women have been looking for.

In Conclusion…

Scientists and medical professionals are only just now beginning to understand the full range of effects that phytoestrogen based supplements can have on the human body. When it comes to choosing a phytoestrogen based product for breast enhancement, it is highly recommended that you thoroughly conduct your research. Such breast enhancement systems are going to vary widely in terms of purity and quality.

Closely examine the manufacturer of the product you are considering buying. Don’t make your final decision based upon price alone. Look for credible testimonials and a proven track record for quality and success. It will take some amount of time and patience, but phytoestrogens can be used by women to achieve the fuller, firmer breasts they have always wanted.

Is Breast Lift Without Surgery Possible?

When most women are considering breast enhancement surgery, they are usually far more focused on the size and firmness of their breasts, rather than what is commonly known as “breast lift”. Breast lift surgery is where the breasts are literally lifted higher on to the chest so that they appear more youthful and firmer.

This type of surgery is often considered by women who have had several children as well as women who are older and have experienced just what gravity can do to larger breasts. The good news is that you can get breast lift without surgery by using a combination of natural botanical extracts in some form along with a legitimate breast enhancement exercise program.

How Can You Achieve Breast Lift Without Surgery?

The first thing that you should know about your breasts is that over time they will continue to drop, as will many other parts of your body. Over the years, the constant pull of gravity will bring larger breasts down on the torso so that they appear less firm and unfortunately, less attractive.

This “sagging” of the breasts is more apparent on women who have larger breasts, and it usually does not happen until later in life. However, if you have breast-fed numerous children, then your breasts will likely not return to their previous state without some assistance on your part.

What Are The Benefits Of Nonsurgical Breast Enlargement?

The biggest benefit of nonsurgical breast enlargement or enhancement is that you do not put your body through the risk of surgery. No matter what anyone says, breast enlargement surgery is no fun, and it can be extraordinarily expensive when done by a reputable surgeon. Another consideration for busy women is that recovery time from this kind of surgery can be expensive and during that time you may not have full range of motion of your arms.

Few women have seen close-up just what the scars look like after a breast lift or any other kind of breast enhancement surgery, and they can be rather frightening. At first, the sutures and swelling are as substantial as they would be with any other kind of major surgery, and the scars do not go away. So, although you might be happy with your new, larger breasts, you will have scars to hide.

How Can You Achieve A Breast Lift Without Surgery?

There are several different methods that you can use to achieve a breast lift without surgery, and you will generally get better results by using a combination of techniques. For instance, there are breast enlargement pills that can help to naturally increase fat storage with in the mammary glands, which can lead to firmer and larger breasts.

Some breast enlargement creams and pills can also help to alter hormonal levels in a woman so that her breasts begin to grow at a controlled rate. These work by increasing blood flow into the breasts, which gradually increases the size of the blood vessels, resulting in more mass.

A complementary treatment for these products would be an exercise program that helps to develop the pectoralis muscles, which are responsible for keeping the breast tissue high-end in place. An example of one of these exercises would be a push-up or even a “plank” movement, which increases upper body strength.

Are Alternatives To Breast Implants Really Safe?

If you have been seeking breast enhancement without surgery, then you should make sure that you are healthy enough to be taking any kind of natural supplement. Although breast enlargement pills usually contain only amino acids, vitamins, and various botanical extracts, they can interact with some prescription medications.

Another potential safety issue applies to women who have had breast cancer in the past or have been told that they are prone to developing cysts. In most cases, their doctors would recommend that they do not use natural ingredients designed to increase hormonal levels.

Where Can You Find The Best Nonsurgical Breast Enhancement Options?

Even though you may be able to find some type of breast enlargement cream in your local pharmacy, you may want to look further to ensure that you get the highest quality product and preferably one that is sold with a money back guarantee. Keeping in mind that it may take 8 to 12 weeks before you start to see a substantial difference in the size, firmness, or lift of your breasts, it is important that you choose a product that is not going to waste either your time or your money.

The matter what your underlying reason for wanting to have a nonsurgical breast lift, choosing a combination of natural ingredients and developing upper body strength may be safer, more affordable, and more private way to get the results you really want.

How To Increase Breast Size Naturally

If you have always had small breasts, then it is understandable that you would want to do all that you could to increase the size of your breasts naturally. By taking a natural approach, you can avoid the embarrassment of breast enhancement surgery consultation, and you can actually begin increasing the size of your breasts gradually so that the change is not so apparent to those around you.

There are a number of different benefits to going about this yourself rather than undergoing surgery, not least of which is that natural breast enhancement is painless, significantly safer, and completely under your control.

Can You Increase Your Breasts Naturally?

Perhaps you might want to consider what method is going to be the right one for you. If you want to grow bigger boobs, then you will be surprised at the number of alternatives currently available online and quickly to your home. These include breast enhancement pills, creams, exercise methods, and comprehensive natural programs, all of which can be beneficial.

A very big advantage of using one of these kinds of methods is that you can constantly monitor the growth of your breasts and determine when you are happy with the results. With surgery, it may be surprised to see just what you get once the scars have feel, but was natural breast enhancement, that is not the case. You will gradually see your breasts grow over a period of weeks or months, and you can stop the growth at any time.

Do Natural Breast Enlargement Pills Work?

There is still a belief that natural breast enhancement or breast enlargement pills are nothing but hocus-pocus, but research shows that some products are very effective. It really comes down to the list of ingredients on the package and how they may interact with your own system.

Which Natural Ingredients Are Most Effective?

Among the many natural botanical extracts that are commonly found in breast enlargement pills and creams, are fenugreek, wild Mexican yam root, dong quai, fennel seed extract, watercress, and sea kelp. When these are combined with various amino acids and vitamins, they can help to naturally boost hormonal levels so that your breasts have a tendency to become firmer and therefore larger.

How to Enlarge Breasts Naturally with Creams

Another method of getting bigger boobs naturally is the use of hormone enhancing creams. Breast enlargement creams have long been used all around the world as a way for women to increase fat and water storage with in the breast tissue while also protecting the very tender skin of the breasts. In fact, the use of the breast enhancement cream is almost always recommended when using the breast enhancement pill because it is the best way to prevent stretch marks from occurring during a time of rapid growth.

What Are The Advantages To Natural Breast Enhancement?

There are really so many different advantages to natural breast enhancement that it is somewhat surprising that so many women still opt for surgery. When you consider that many natural breast enhancement products are available for $100 or less and they are sold with a money back guarantee, it seems silly for someone to spend $5000-$20,000 on the surgery that comes with no guarantee.

The other advantages of natural breast enhancement are that you are not putting your body at risk, you do not have to deal with the embarrassment of a consultation or a surgery, and there is also no recovery time whatsoever. Even with the least invasive breast enhancement surgery, you can expect to have limited movement during the first few months, which is something most women are not comfortable with.

Which Natural Breast Enhancement Products Are The Most Popular?

Among the most popular natural breast enhancement product is Breast Actives, which combines a breast enhancement pill and cream along with a unique exercise program. This particular product is sold with a money back guarantee and has been shown to help women grow anywhere from one cup to two cups in just a matter of eight weeks.

Where Can You Buy A Breast Enhancement Product Discreetly?

One other important factor to keep in mind when you are searching for a product is whether you can buy the product discreetly. Not every woman is completely comfortable walking into their doctor’s office or pharmacy and asking for a cream or pill to help increase their breast size. As a result of this, many women prefer to purchase this kind of product online instead where they can make your purchase in complete privacy.

Whether you choose one of the popular breast enhancement pills or creams, it is always wise to talk to your doctor before using them, particularly if you are taking prescription medications. However, most doctors now recommend these products for their patients who want to increase your breast size, rather than having them undergo some type of surgical procedure.